Ensira Ethiopian Restaurant Genuine East African Foods

About Us

Ensira is one of the best Ethiopian restaurants located on the International Avenue which is a vibrant business district with a diverse ethnic composition located on 17th Avenue S.E, Calgary.

We are committed to offering a fun-filled, casual dining experience to our guests and strive to always serve you fresh and affordable Ethiopian cuisine.

At Ensira Ethiopian Restaurant our objective is to make our customers happy with hospitality and delight. Our cuisine entrees are served in a relaxed and welcoming setting that you and your friends and family are sure to enjoy, at the same time get an uncompromising experience from authentic Ethiopian food.

To taste the real Ethiopian food and have an unforgettable experience, then the right place for you and loved ones has to be Ensira Ethiopian Restaurant. Whether you are in the mood to indulge in something new or just want to enjoy some old favorites, we promise that our inventive menu and attentive service will leave you truly satisfied.

Our restaurant has a bright, modern room with contemporary decor. Despite the modern look, the food is classic Ethiopian fare — hearty, rich stews and vegetable dishes, served in the traditional style where diners eat with their right hand, using torn-off pieces of spongy injera bread to scoop up the dishes. We also serve traditional Ethiopian coffee along its full ceremony.

Ethiopian cuisine is best known for its mixes and presentations of various seasoned meats, vegetables, and flavorful stews, served alongside a cultural stable bread injera. The ingredients simple yet with the unique and exotic seasonings, it will make for a meal like none other. We thought long and hard about offering not only an authentic Ethiopian food but also one with flair. Come be a part of our deliciously authentic, world class Ethiopian fare. Allow your taste buds to envelop a new vocabulary whist the remaining of your sense is enticed by a unique cultural experience.

Ensira Ethiopian restaurant genuine east African foods are served in a traditional and modern recipes. We are grateful to our happy customers restaurant reviews.


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